How to use Veneux® AirStyler?


Discover in this simple step-by-step guide how to effortlessly create the perfect curls or waves with the Veneux Airstyler®.

Preparation : Start with hair that has been lightly dried with a towel so that it is still about 70-80% damp.
Parting : Divide your hair into manageable sections to make styling easier.
Attachment : Simply click the curling iron onto your Veneux Airstyler® by pressing the "Push" button.
Choice of Attachment : The Veneux Airstyler® has two special curl attachments: one for the left and one for the right side of your head. Hold the attachment next to a strand of hair and look in the mirror; if your hair is automatically absorbed, you're good!
Settings : Select the highest temperature and airflow setting on your Veneux Airstyler® (setting 3) for the best results.
Styling : Hold a section of hair that is not too thick and position the curling iron of the Veneux Airstyler® in front of it, with the tip of your hair pointing downwards.
Magic : The Veneux Airstyler® now does the work for you. It automatically attracts the strand of hair and wraps it around the attachment, all using only air!
Timing : Hold this position for 15 seconds, or until you feel your hair is dry. Then turn off your Veneux Airstyler® and gently pull the device down to free your hair.
Finishing Touch : Repeat these steps for all sections of hair. And voilà, you have created beautiful curls or waves with the Veneux Airstyler®, all without exposing your hair to extreme heat!
With this clear manual we hope that you will have a fantastic experience with your Veneux Airstyler®. Enjoy your new, radiant look!