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VENEUX® Krultang Airstyler - Wit / Goud - VENEUX

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Powerful Multistyler

I am very satisfied with the multistyler! The power of the device is impressive, and it produces beautiful curls. I had another variant in the past that didn't work as well, but this one far exceeds that experience. A great product that I would definitely recommend!


Perfect airstyler for the right price!

I actually didn't believe in an airstyler, but I wanted to try it without spending a lot of money. I have very thick hair and also extensions, but the result was really great! It provides a lot of volume in my hair and a beautiful curl that lasts a long time. The Veneux airstyler is definitely worth the money, I recommend this product!


Very satisfied!

I bought the Veneux airstyler as a surprise for my wife, without high expectations because of the affordable price. To my surprise, it turned out to be an excellent choice. My wife loves it! She loves how quickly and easily she can style her hair. I'm glad I could make her happy with this gift.